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Policarbonate Tableware (PC)
Reusable, Unbreakable, and Eco-Friendly

AKIPLAST is a brand of durable and high-quality polycarbonate (PC) tableware made in Portugal and officially represented by MARYASA.

AKIPLAST’s polycarbonate tableware is also cold-resistant, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe, ensuring practicality and convenience in your daily life.

In addition, our products are eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, and recyclable, allowing you to do your part in preserving the planet.

The material we use contains no toxic substances and guarantees food safety, without altering the taste or odor of the food, and can be used for social, business, or even domestic events.

The impact resistance of polycarbonate (PC) makes our products unbreakable, safe, and durable, offering a high-quality product.

We offer a minimalist and bold design, guaranteeing a unique usage experience with safety and quality. Let yourself be enchanted by the elegance and quality of our polycarbonate (PC) tableware.

Come and check out our complete product line and make a difference in preserving the environment through AKIPLAST’s reusable tableware.